How do I get a virtual office for my business?


You may run your business from your home, but it’s not always a good idea to promote it as your trading address. Sure, it’s cheaper than renting an office, but it can have a negative effect on how your customers see your business. For those wanting the benefits of a prestigious business address without the commitment or cost, a virtual office could be the solution.

So, what is a virtual office and how can one benefit your business?

A virtual office is a real business address that you can use on your website, invoices, marketing materials and anywhere else you need to promote your address and location. What’s more, having a business address in a sought-after location in a major city adds perceived credibility and experience to your brand. 

Here’s how you can set up a virtual office in your dream location in 3 easy steps:


1. Pick a virtual office – we offer virtual offices across major cities, including Glasgow, LondonManchesterBristol, Birmingham and Liverpool


2. Subscribe – share some basic contact details and we’ll build your virtual business address profile


3. Verification – send us a copy of your photo ID and copies of ant two utility bills or other documents to verify your home address


And that’s it! You’re then free to use your new virtual office address on your website, marketing materials, business cards, invoices, and more.

To get the most out of your virtual office, you may want to consider the below points.


Choosing the best Virtual Office service

Virtual offices have become a very popular option for companies looking to grow fast. Unfortunately, many don’t do the research and end up paying over the odds for their virtual office. It’s important that you find a virtual office provider that can offer different payment options and customisable packages. This shows they understand that every business is different and that they’re experienced in working to different client needs. Consider the added benefits of package add-on like a virtual reception, post forwarding options, meeting room use, and other business growth services. 

Be sure not to go with a provider that has setup fees or ties you into a long-term contract. A virtual office should be a flexible option that you can adapt to your changing circumstances.

Above all, make sure to consider the price. Remember using a virtual office is a smart, cost-effective solution to other costly alternatives, so make sure you get a good deal.


Getting the best Virtual Office Address

You want to position your company in a sought-after location that is both close to your target market and communicates the key attributes you wish your brand to embody. synonymous with. City centre locations are always a good choice, but also consider other locations that may add value.

Think about the post collection or forwarding options available. If you want to pick up your post in person, choose a virtual office convenient to you. If you want your post to be emailed or forwarded to your home address, this, of course, would be less important.

Consider whether your target market is dispersed across multiple locations. It might be a good idea to get virtual offices in different cities to appeal to local markets and look like a nationwide market leader. If this applies to you, browse our other virtual office locations. We have virtual offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.


Customise your plan with additional services

Customise your subscription with services that support your growth. Our services include mail forwarding, mail pick up, call answering services, marketing support, and more.

Whether you choose to add an addition virtual office, virtual reception or any other service, these add-ons can trigger a big discount when bought as a package, so make sure you get in contact before you buy. 

Be sure not to go with a provider that has setup fees or ties you into a long-term contract. A virtual office should be a flexible option that you can adapt to your changing circumstances.

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