Does you need a call answering service?


Call answering services help give your business an affordable option for managing your incoming calls. There are so many ways these services can benefit an organisation, which explains their recent surge in popularity. Here we look at the reasons why you should consider subscribing to a virtual reception and why from just £10 a month you can change the way your customers see your business. 


What are the signs that you need a call answering service?

  • non-client-facing staff are expected to answer the phone
  • you cannot confidently say that every call will be handled 24/7
  • answering calls distracts key staff from their main roles and responsibilities
  • you cannot guarantee that every call will be answered in a quiet environment
  • your workforce do not possess the skills needed to manage client queries and represent your brand effectively


Why are call answering services so popular?

For many, it’s simply the value proposition. From just £10 a month your business will receive a trained, professional and experienced team of receptionists that will answer your calls, following your script, filter unwanted callers, record and share call and contact details, and forward calls to specific team members. This added value is highlighted when considering the alternatives. You could get insist on a current untrained team member to answer the calls. This will, inevitably, distract them from their main role and may result in poor customer service. Similarly, you could hire a new member of staff, but this will obviously be a huge financial commitment. 


Money well spent, right?

Its clear a call answering service is a cheaper alternative than hiring, allows your staff to focus on their main duties and makes sure professionalism is maintained every call every day. The benefit that often escapes business owners is the financial cost of each missed call. In many industries, an unanswered phone or poor customer service leads to would-be clients going to your competitors. Your virtual reception ensures that you’re always able to receive their enquiries. This is an important part of why virtual receptions and call answering services are growing in popularity.


What next?

If you think that your business can benefit from a virtual reception or you want to learn which plan would be right for you, contact our team on 0141 380 0661 or visit our call answering page.