Can a virtual office be used as a registered address?


Virtual offices can add real value to your growing business in several ways. They can add to your brand image and add a dimension of professionalism with their post handling. Where some business owners get confused is whether they can use a virtual office as a registered address with Companies House. If you’re thinking of getting a virtual office, you may only now be questioning the need for a registered address. We plan to clear this up for you here.

You only need a registered address when you are registering your business in the UK with HMRC’s Companies House. This is only required when you are forming a limited company. Therefore sole traders do not need a registered office address.

Companies House will use a registered address as your legal business address. They will use this location to send your official HMRC correspondence. This address needs to be a building in the UK. Because of this requirement, many people use their virtual office as their registered business address.

Unfortunately, not every virtual business address offers this service, so it’s important to contact your provider in advance. When you can use a virtual office as your registered address, you shouldn’t pay any more than around £5 a month for its use.

To get the best out of your business address, consider a virtual office in the heart of your target market. City centre locations are often best. A prestigious address will look great to potential clients and add credibility and experience to your brand.

Our virtual offices start at just £10 per month, and with a registered address of just £5 monthly, you can affordability have a desirable headquarters to share on your website, in invoices, promotional materials and with Companies House.

There are multiple benefits to business addresses, especially when they come with a registered address service. Make sure the virtual office you invest in meets your requirements> Your provider should be able to find the perfect address for your business.

To get in contact with our team and find out if we can offer a registered address in your area, contact us on 0141 380 0661.